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    About Us

    Company Background

    Our goal was to develop an effective means to combat mosquitoes because they are the #1 killer of humans in the World today.

    Protecting our skin from biting mosquitoes previously

    meant using sticky lubricants including the toxic substance DEET.

    MosquitNo thought ‘this can be done with more fun

    and functionality’ than sticky lotions or sprays and after many years of development we came up with a complete line of products with the sole purpose of making you and your family safe and comfortable while enjoying the outdoors!

    Trendy Citronella Bracelets and Ankle Bands

    MosquitNo is well known for our trendy citronella bracelets.  We developed them to be a fun and practical alternative to the often sticky and cumbersome repellent creams and sticks.  

    After intensive research MosquitNo developed a silicone which absorbs fluids and lets them evaporate gradually. Thanks to this technology, our bracelets and ankle bands will distribute a constant citronella odor for a minimum of 72 hours.  MosquitNo bracelets and ankle bands are safe for children, waterproof and 100% natural.

    Bracelets are available with or without a clip or in the new 'get connected' design. Our 'Connected' bracelets are also available in smaller kid's sizes.

    Product Line

    SpotZzz Citronella Stickers

    Handy & fun citronella stickers that can be attached to back packs, tents, shoes, clothing, beds, pretty much anywhere you need protection from mosquitoes!

    The MosquitNo SpotZzz stickers gradually release a citronella odor over a 72 hour period per sticker.  The stickers do not contain any liquids and are safe for children 3 years and older to play with.

    The SpotZzz Mix stickers are available in 29 assorted fun designs and SpotZzz Safari stickers contain 12 animal designs.

    MosquitNo Flower Pots

    We know that mosquitoes and other insects are uninvited guests at your table! Keeping them away is easy with the functional and trendy range of products in our outdoor range.

    Our outdoor range contains Table Cloth Hangers, Flowerpots and re-fill Gom's in trendy designs and colors.  

    These products belong in every home, balcony or garden and make memorable and practical gifts for family and friends.  Both products include a re-fill Gom so you are never without protection!

    MosquitNo Table Cloth Hangers

    Product Line

    Nano Technology

    MosquitNo leverages on new technologies, consumer insights and business needs to deliver innovative solutions for worldwide protection against mosquitoes and other insects.

    Nano Technology is a new and extremely innovative technology which consists of the manipulation of elements on an atomic and molecular scale. This innovative and unique matrix of nano particles allow the active components to be released consistently over time.

    All products in our Nano range offer long lasting protection.  Some products, like the fabric softener, can even be reactivated without needing to reapply.  

    Nano products protect against diseases like Dengue, Yellow Fever and Malaria, while remaining non toxic and biocompatible.

    MosquitNo Nano Bracelet

    The trendy bracelets are available in 6 colors. Use the bracelet on your arm or ankle and it will provide you protection for 20 days against mosquitoes and other insects.  No liquids, odorless and one size fits all in an attractive woven pattern.

    Textile Spray

    Protect any fabric by treating it with our mosquito repellent textile spray. One treatment lasts 3 months or up to the next washing providing you with complete moquito control. You can use it for any type of textile from bed sheets, curtains, sleeping bags, tents, shirts, and more.  

    AfterSoccer Fresh and Clean Wipes

    AfterSoccer is 100% Made in the USA

    AfterSoccer Fresh & Clean body wipes are the perfect solution for active people that want to stay fresh and clean after each game or workout.  The XL wipes are specially designed to be used over your whole body, hands and face, giving you a clean and fresh sensation.

    AfterSoccer Counter Display

    AfterSoccer Individual pack

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